Round here…

Most of the time I hardly ever think about my brother. We have had a falling out. Over what I have no idea. It no longer even matters. I have made numerous attempts to make amends, and nothing. The end.

Today? That is a different story. For the first time in a long time I thought about him without being angry. I was shopping with the boys and we were looking at toys. Quinn’s birthday is next weekend. Aidan’s is two weeks after Christmas! I found some really awesome toys that I cannot wait to buy for them. I kept picturing their faces when they opened their gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. I could just see the joy and excitement. I could hear their laughter. And it made me want to tell my bubba. And that made me so very sad. I miss him. The boys are getting to that age where they are just really aware. Not just of holidays,birthdays,etc. But of everything.

I just wish I could make him want to see that. He would be blown away by Aidan. His love of tools and books and that damn aquarium. He barely knows Quinn at all. How much he loves baseball and Buzz Lightyear. It sucks. For me, but most of all for them. I don’t know what to do. There really isn’t anything I can do. Except cry.

Because I really do miss him. And I wish he would miss me too.



Me: Buddy, we really need to work on going potty.
Aidan: Mama. I will go potty tomorrow after I waked up from my nap if it is the last thing I eber,eber do.

The funny part? His voice is getting higher and screechier by the word. He ended up sounding like Jack from “Will & Grace”. It was hysterical!

Sorry, that’s all I gots for today. I am tired.

Here’s a clue for ya!

Is it my imagination, or is Blue’s Clues the lamest, possibly gay-est children’s show evah? My children have taken to watching Nick Jr. in the morning now. You know, Dora, Diego, The Backyardigans… Personally, I also find Dora to be a bit annoying, but it beats watching frickin’ Barney all to hell and back.Steve is just so condescending. It literally makes me want to stab myself in the eyeballs. With whatever I have handy. Repeatedly.

So here is my question. What happened to fun, but still educational t.v. shows like we used to watch when we were children? I am afraid to date myself, but I will use my favorite- Captain Kangaroo. I loved that show! I remember watching it constantly.

Hey, now that I think about it, my dad may have made some reference to it being a dumb show when I was bitching about having to watch Caillou. Grumbled something about it being “payback”.

Hmmm. I’ll get back to you.

Can I get an amen?

I cannot stand watching celebrities/athletes/public figures, getting into trouble and then- BAM! Heavenly father, please forgive me, I HAVE FOUND JESUS.

Um, okay. I don’t really think you are supposed to use religion like a get-out-of-jail-free card. It just really burns my ass. Just say you’re sorry, take your punishment and get on with your life. Please. I don’t need to hear about how wonderful your life has become since you accepted Jesus into it. Really? It wasn’t wonderful when you were making a gabillion dollars? It wasn’t wonderful when you were at the Oscar’s in a Galliano dress? It wasn’t wonderful when you got to go to the Superbowl, and stand on the sidelines?

Because all that stuff sounds pretty damn good to me. But, maybe that’s just me. Or? Maybe it is because I already know the presence of God in my life.

Out of the mouths of babe’s…

What better place to document the strange, and often really funny, things my children have said.

Aidan: Daddy! You sneaked on me. How did you sneak on me?

Quinn: DARF BADER! Repeatedly, and in a very growly tone. For those of you NOT in the know- Darth Vader. What? He is not even two yet!

Daddy to Quinn: Do you love Daddy?
Quinn: NO! BUBBA!
Daddy: Do you love Mama?
Quinn: NO! BUBBA!
Nothing like a good kick in the ego from a little maniac.

Aidan: Mama? When the water comes up to my nose it makes me speak spanish.

Aidan: I am NOT going to have a lot of fun at the zoo, I am only going to have a LITTLE bit of fun…
Don’t worry, he had more than enough fun!

Aidan: An octopus is a cephalopod.
He is right!

And, my new favorite.

Aidan to my mom: Look,look Grammy! There is the Big Grouper and the Little Grouper! In the sky! Look!
Translation- Big Dipper and Little Dipper!

You’re Not the Boss of Me Now…

Yeah, I am late as hell. But, you better believe I am jumping on the bandwagon.

One of my favorite blogger’s had some unfavorable comments on her last post. She was very calm and unflappable. I would not have been nearly as gracious.

I find it incredibly rude when, women, feel the need to give me advice. I don’t mind it, when I ASK for it. But, it pisses me off to hear it when I don’t.

Why would you EVER feel the need to offer me MEDICAL ADVICE, IF YOU WERE NOT MY OWN OB/GYN? You are most certainly not the boss of my pants.

I love to share the stories of my children’s birth. I WOULD NEVER PRESUME TO TELL ANOTHER WOMAN HOW SHE SHOULD GIVE BIRTH. That is a very personal choice. For whatever reason.

Why must it be one way or the other? Why are we always looking for ways to judge? Aren’t we ALL Mother’s?

So there.

I STILL love me some football…

In spite of everything that is going on here, I still love football. I am deeply saddened by ALL of Michael Vick’s accusations. And, sickened. I don’t understand any of it. I find it unbelievably repugnant.

I realize that his football career is over. That sucks. He could have been such an amazing QB. We were SO excited when we signed him. And then? He failed to deliver. Year after year. We fired what could possibly be, in my girly opinion, one of the greatest head coaches our organization has ever had. In that same year, we also let go our ONLY chance for a decent quarterback. He is livin’ it up over at the Texan’s organization. Who can blame him?

This season will be hard, of that there is no doubt.

Let us hope that we can move past any negativity, and just play some ball.

I, for one, am MORE than ready!