First of all, as soon as I can figure out how to upload/download this on to my computer, I will. Because it is sooo much funnier in person. And definitely cuter!

Rememeber that show called “Evening Shade”? We used to watch it religiously. They had some funny bit about the names southerner’s give to people. You know, like Digger. My two personal favorites were Nub and Dub. But you have to say it a certain way. Real slow and pronounced. My father loves to say it. Seriously. He says it and then laughs. Every. Time.

When I became pregnant with Aidan my father was beside himself when he found out it was a boy. Care to take a guess what his nickname was? Yup, my beautiful baby boy, a.k.a. Nub. Freaks. Fast forward to a little over a year later. Pregnant again, it is another boy. Father ecstatic because now he finally has his Dub. My family has always been a little off center…

Now Aidan and Quinn are three and a half and almost two, they’ve been hearing about Nub and Dub for quite awhile. Last night we are in the living room watching the baseball game, trying to catch a glimpse of my parents. All of this sudden I hear someone saying “Nub and Dub” over and over again. I look over and it is MY SON. Aidan is walking around, muttering it to himself. Then Quinn starts in. Only he says “Nu and Du”. I almost wet my pants laughing. I immediately called my mom’s cell phone so she could hear him. While they were at the game. Then, I called their house so I could leave it on their answering machine. My father is deaf as a post and there was no way he would have been able to hear it over the phone. He is going to get it on video. You have to see it.I am half tempted to get in the car and drive to Michael’s to buy t-shirts and iron on letters and whip ’em up a couple of Nub and Dub shirts. My father would DIE.


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