The end of an era…

I doubt any of y’all know this, but I am a NASCAR fan. You probably won’t care that much either! Tough. It’s my blog.

Dale Jr. is my pretend boyfriend.

I am super pissed that DEI(his bitch step-monster) will not let him take the number 8 with him when he goes to Hendricks Motor Sports next season. It was his grandpa’s number. He chose it specifically for that reason. I think it is petty and spiteful. I wish a pox upon her fat, greedy, spiteful head. And I hope he wins the championship. So there.

Couldn’t reach an agreement, my ass.


3 thoughts on “The end of an era…

  1. Sara says:

    Yes, Teresa Earnhardt is a beeeotch.

    I’m glad to see Dale with Hendrick though. We’re Jeff and Jimmy fans in our house.

  2. straw55 says:

    I agree, now he is w/JG, JJ, MM, Jr. Will be alright, even if MM is due a championship, I hope Jr. Gets one in 2010, MM can get his in 2011, GO HENDRICKS TEAM

  3. jenny626 says:

    Jimmy is a great driver! Jeff? Yeah, I am a “hater”. Sorry!

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