I STILL love me some football…

In spite of everything that is going on here, I still love football. I am deeply saddened by ALL of Michael Vick’s accusations. And, sickened. I don’t understand any of it. I find it unbelievably repugnant.

I realize that his football career is over. That sucks. He could have been such an amazing QB. We were SO excited when we signed him. And then? He failed to deliver. Year after year. We fired what could possibly be, in my girly opinion, one of the greatest head coaches our organization has ever had. In that same year, we also let go our ONLY chance for a decent quarterback. He is livin’ it up over at the Texan’s organization. Who can blame him?

This season will be hard, of that there is no doubt.

Let us hope that we can move past any negativity, and just play some ball.

I, for one, am MORE than ready!


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