You’re Not the Boss of Me Now…

Yeah, I am late as hell. But, you better believe I am jumping on the bandwagon.

One of my favorite blogger’s had some unfavorable comments on her last post. She was very calm and unflappable. I would not have been nearly as gracious.

I find it incredibly rude when, women, feel the need to give me advice. I don’t mind it, when I ASK for it. But, it pisses me off to hear it when I don’t.

Why would you EVER feel the need to offer me MEDICAL ADVICE, IF YOU WERE NOT MY OWN OB/GYN? You are most certainly not the boss of my pants.

I love to share the stories of my children’s birth. I WOULD NEVER PRESUME TO TELL ANOTHER WOMAN HOW SHE SHOULD GIVE BIRTH. That is a very personal choice. For whatever reason.

Why must it be one way or the other? Why are we always looking for ways to judge? Aren’t we ALL Mother’s?

So there.


One thought on “You’re Not the Boss of Me Now…

  1. Swistle says:

    Wasn’t she amazingly calm and unflappable?? I was so impressed. I once had a co-worker who could do that: someone would be all up in her face and she’d say “Back off” in this friendly way that made the other person laugh and back off. I have never been able to be that kind of person, much as I’d like to be.

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