Happy Birthday, my beautiful bebe…

Today you turned two. You are such a big boy. You make me laugh with your silliness. I could not be more proud that you are my son. Having you was the best thing I have ever done.

You had a Backyardigans party. Grammy made your cake. Grammy, Grampy, Grandma Garmon, Aunt Lana, Uncle Fritz, Jerrod and William came to your party. You were SO excited! You kept running up to me and your daddy and saying “PARTY!”. It was so cute! You enjoyed yourself today.

You are a crafty little sucker, though! Sometimes I swear I can almost see what you are thinking! You wake up with a big smile on your face every morning. EVERY. MORNING. You love to snuggle and give kisses very generously. You have the best giggle in the whole world. Hearing it never fails to make me smile. You think your big brother is “it”. You play well with each other. For the most part. You are learning “my turn” and “I do” and about a billion other things. We won’t mention your temper…

I just can’t believe you are already two years old. I think to myself that that cannot be true, because I swear I just brought you home from the hospital yesterday. It really does feel that way. I guess what they say about time flying is true. I just wish that you were still a baby. But not really. Because I love watching you grow up.

Just don’t do it quite so fast!


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