That Swistle!

You know I am lacking in the post ideas when I have to use one that is this lame!

No offense to Swistle. Who is most certainly NOT lame. And seems like a super-cool chic.

On to my story. A few weeks ago I was reading her blog and stumbled across this YUMMY sounding brownie recipe. Which called for Andes Mints. I got quite a hankerin’ for said brownies and rushed right out to buy the ingredients. Then I got lazy and forgot all about them.

Until tonight. When I found the bag of mints in my cupboard. And now I can’t stop eating them. Seriously. I have eaten three quarters of the bag. I am slightly sick.

So that’s mah story.

Told you it was lame…


2 thoughts on “That Swistle!

  1. Swistle says:

    Those things are a terrible hazard. I always buy about 3 bags, so I’ll be more likely to have a bag left when I actually bake.

  2. Jenny H. says:

    Good idea! Just for future,ahem, research purposes!

    I am convinced they are of the devil…

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