USC- 20, Arizona-10…

It was one helluva a day in the world of college football!

My beloved Trojans won. Naturally, I could not watch the actual game being that I live on the EAST coast. S’okay. They still won!!!

On a sad note, LSU lost in triple overtime… who am I kidding? I’m not sad! And, Oregon BEAT #2 California. Oh happy day.

The only thing that would REALLY make it the official BEST DAY EVER? If Georgia lost. I don’t know the outcome of that game because I have been too busy reading blogs!

A girl can hope!


2 thoughts on “USC- 20, Arizona-10…

  1. Wordnerd says:

    Oh, come on … be sad, a little? For me? Just a little?

  2. Jenny H. says:

    Wordnerd- I can pretend to be sad if that helps! I heard the game was excellent. I was at work and did not get a chance to see it.

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