Blast from the past…

I am sitting at home, minding my own beeswax, when all of this sudden my cell phone rings. Lo, and behold, it is my friend S.

He is in town and wants to hang out. I tell him that I can’t, because Jimmy isn’t home and I have the kids.

So, we start chatting about every day life and he asks the fucking million-dollar question. Hey, how’s your brother? I have to tell him the whole crappy story. Plus, as a bonus? I get to tell him that my grandma died last year, right before Christmas. Having spent time with her, he was upset. So as you can guess it went downhill from there.

Again, I have NO idea why my bubba is no longer speaking to me. To us. I just wish he would tell his friends what the fook is going on. The holiday season is coming up. I have MORE than enough on my plate right now, without having to worry about what is going on with him.

Is that too much to ask?


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