Sorry I haven’t posted recently. My children have decided to wage germological warfare on their poor mama. I feel like death.

Right about now I would welcome it with open arms. Seriously. It is that bad. I won’t bore you with gross details.

Just send Nyquil. And maybe some comfy pants.


2 thoughts on “So…

  1. TammyK says:

    Ohhh no not you guys too… First Zoot and now you. I am worried now… I am certain it’s only days before my kids come after me … with …. germs!!!!!! AHHHHH!

  2. Jenny H. says:

    TammyK- Thankfully, it wasn’t the barfing flu. Just the regular one! The boys seem to be fine. I am still a little tired. But I feel sooo much better than I did.


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