Captain Craptastic Strikes Again…

We recently found out that my husband’s grandparents were no longer going to be able to loan us the money they had said they would.

One guess as to why.

Yep, because of my darling M.I.L. Great, isn’t it?

We are so totally screwed.

I am beyond upset. We needed that money. I don’t know what we are going to do now. I am trying really hard to be positive. But it is soooo hard.

I honestly do not understand what happened. I only know that I did absolutely nothing to deserve the way she has been teating me lately. Or the manner in which she spoke to me last weekend.

I want to cry. Or at the very least sit in a big fat bubblebath with the world’s largest glass of wine and never come out.

The holiday’s ought to be a hoot this year. Which also really sucks because they will be the first without my grandma.

Good times.


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