Jury Duty…

I had this other post all worked out in mah head. And I can think of nothing but jury duty. I report in the morning. I believe this means I will finally know one way or the other if I made it on the jury.

I am not afraid to say I’m skeert. ‘Cause I am. Big time.

I have had too much time to think about what it will mean to actually be on this jury. The time spent away from mah children and mah husband. In less you count the nights after surgeries one,two and three, I have never been away from mah children for any length of time. I know that sounds a little nutty, but it is true. I don’t enjoy being without them. I never sleep very well when they are not right down the hall from me. How will I ever survive three weeks, or more without them?

People keep telling me to “lie” or “make up crazy answers”. And I am sorry, but I can’t do that. It isn’t right. And it isn’t fair. If you are going to do that then you have no business being on a jury. Ever.

In mah humble opinion, that is why our legal system works. For the most part. It is vital that people be honest and as forthright as possible to insure that justice will be served.

I have also thought long and hard about the desisions I will be forced to make concerning the particular case I may be hearing. I believe myself to fair and just. It is just so overwhelming to realize the power I will hold over this person’s future. I know it is out of mah hands now. I answered all of their questions as honestly as I possibly could. If that gets me on the jury, then so be it. I will do mah very best to remain impartial and true to myself.

I also know that there is no sense in getting worked up over something that might not even happen. I guess I am trying to prepare myself either way.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Jury Duty…

  1. Wordnerd says:

    I’m posting this comment probably too late, but please, please, PLEASE tell them that sequestration would be too much of a family hardship. Your need to do the right thing is admirable, but it’s going to be really, really difficult for you.

    Whatever happens — good luck.

  2. Jenny H. says:

    Wordnerd- Thank you for the advice, but I did not make it on the jury. I took that into consideration when I was asked by the judge if it would be a hardship. I answered no.

    I honestly feel if I were the right person to be on that jury, I would have been. He deserves fair and impartial people to decide his fate. I believed myself to be able to do just that.

    Now it doesn’t matter. And I am relieved.

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