Meme Alert!

I got this from Zoot! And you know how much I love meme’s!Basically you have to list one relevant fact or tidbit for each letter of your first or middle name. Then you are supposed to tag as many people as there are letters in your name. Yeah, good luck with that! I don’t think I HAVE that many people who read my blog! Instead I say do it if you wanna!

J- Just Jenny! I prefer to be called Jenny or Jen. Never Jennifer. It makes me think I am in trouble!

E- Exhausted. Getting up at six am to drive your husband to work really sucks.

N- Nerdy. Well, hello! I am doing a meme!

N- Nutty- I believe it gives me character!

I- Imagination. I have always had a rather vivid one. It is something I encourage in my children.

F- Friendly. ‘Cause I am.

E- Eager. For the potty training to be OVER WITH ALREADY.

R- Relieved. It is almost the weekend. Ah, sleeping in…


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