I already mentioned the whole Monopoly thing. So here are TWO new random facts about yours truly.

1- I, or rather my parent’s, received two tickets to some event that took place during the Olympics here in ’96, for giving up my seat on a bus. We had just been to the Ray Charles concert at Centennial Park where I discovered a tiny bit of claustrophobia. It occured after the concert as everyone was leaving. It was rather terrifying and scared the hell out of my mother. She said she hoped to never see that look on my face again. Anyhoo. We were riding MARTA back to where we had parked the car. I am still freaking out and this woman gets on the bus. She is older than I am and so exhausted she can barely see straight. Being the good southern girl that I am , I offer my seat. She was quite shocked. Especially after learning what had happened. So she tells my parent’s that she WORKS for the Olypics and offers two tickets to womens’ something. For free. Because I was polite. My parent’s turn them down at first. Because that was just how I was raised. But she insisted. So there is the story of how my parent’s were able to attend their very first Olympic Games.

Kinda cool,eh?!

2- I cannot make grilled cheese. What? I can make fancy French sauces with the best of them. Grilled cheese? Not so much.

And now you know.


2 thoughts on “Crap…

  1. TammyK says:

    not so bad really… my hubby used to burn boiling water, lolol

  2. Jenny H. says:

    TammyK- Now that is bad!!! How ya been?

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