Only have a second, we are fine. I will be back in the morning to catch up with everyone.

Thanks guys, for everything.


7 thoughts on “I KNOW, I KNOW…

  1. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    Do you hear that sound? That sound was a huge sigh of relief coming from all over the place. So glad to know you are still kicking!

  2. Wordnerd says:

    Oh thank heavens! I’ve been worried to death!!!

    (((((BIG HUG!!!!)))))

  3. Jenny H. says:

    Thanks y’all. I will be writing an exhaustive post about what has happened as soon as I can find some time.

  4. Warped Mind of Ron says:

    I’m glad things worked out for you.

  5. Evil Twin's Wife says:

    Thank goodness you are back. I kept checking in every other day or so, hoping for an update. So glad to hear things are good.

  6. Madame Queen says:

    Whew! I just found your blog and was all freaked out!

  7. Jenny H. says:

    Again, thanks y’all. You ROCK!

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