Okay, maybe not quite two weeks. It is a small possibility that it could maybe be a teeny,tiny bit longer until I am back full time. Maybe more like March. Maybe.

I know. I know. It is painful for me too. I miss you all so. I miss being able to get on my computer whenever I want. Sigh.

Be patient with me. I promise the work stories alone will be soooooo worth it. And that will be my very next post. On Thursday. From work. About work.

Eh? Sound good? No? Anyone?


3 thoughts on “Bah.

  1. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    If you keep up this teasing, I will find a way to get revenge. You better make good, woman. Thursday.

  2. jen says:

    at least you can go to work and get online because if I didn’t have internet till march I might stab myself right now! he he

  3. Jenny H. says:

    Ladies, Ladies- Thursday it is!

    How do you think I am commenting now?!?

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