April Fool’s…

So. April 1st I have a doctor’s appointment. With my OB/GYN. To have my IUD removed.

That’s right, Project Pleaseletitbeagirl will be off with a bang. Er, you know what I mean. Dirty girls. I am beyond excited. We can begin discussing babies any time.

And you know that also means baby names. My favorite thing evah. I am almost positive I have found my names. But you never know. I’m leaning towards Delaney for a girl and Liam for a boy. I have given up on Finn. It’s too Dr. Suess-y with Quinn. Feel free to let me know any opinions you all may have.

Let me tell you I am already looking at crib sets, cribs, travel systems,cradle swings, maternity clothes, I am sure you are getting the idea here! I do realize it may take awhile for me to become pregnant, then again maybe not. I have just been wanting to be pregnant again for so long that even the small step of calling my doctor’s office is incredibly thrilling.

I’ve got it bad. Baby Fevah. Sigh.

I will keep y’all informed. Not TMI informed, just generally informed!!

Wish me luck. And send me some positive baby girl vibes.


4 thoughts on “April Fool’s…

  1. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    Thank goodness baby fever isn’t contagious cause holy heck could I feel it through my laptop. Good luck and just be sure to keep the fever to yourself. I don’t need any of that!

  2. Jenny H. says:

    BBM- No new little bebe for you?! Are ya skeert?

  3. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    Yes. And sane. 😉

  4. Jenny H. says:

    BBM- Sanity is completely overrated!

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