The One With All The Cheery-ness…

I am sick of my own gloom and doom lately. So let us coverse about cheery things. Fun things. Happy things. Mmkay?

Numero Uno-
The Aidan begins t-ball practice this week. Squeeeeee! We are doing the Upward program through our church. I am so jazzed. He is ready. He is so excited to be able to finally play baseball. I promise to post a picture of him in his uniform as soon as possible.

I have begun my drawing’s for my garden’s. To scale. Front and back yards. Yes, I am that anal. I love knowing exactly where everything is. I love to be able to refer to my drawing’s at any time. It is a sickness. Get over it. I am having to use my drawing’s because it is too damn cold here to do anything else. Which sucks. I am so ready to get out into my yard. I find gardening incredibly theraputic. Being unable to really do anything is quite frustrating. Sigh.

NASCAR has begun. My boyfriend has done okay. Well, not in California. But his new uniform is pretty hot. He is pretty hot. What was I talking about?!

The Aidan was telling me this morning that he would be going to haunted houses this Halloween. And in these haunted houses there would be “lot’s of boovy traps”. I am still laughing. Boovy traps. Where does the kid get this stuff?

See, I can be cheery. I haven’t forgotten how.

Don’t worry. I am fine. And I will be fine. I’m tough.

Ya gotta be tough when you’re dumb.

Sorry. It is a funny thing one of the men who used to work for my father would say. It has always made me laugh. I though it mught make y’all smile.


2 thoughts on “The One With All The Cheery-ness…

  1. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    I appreciate the cheer (you can totally have Dale, Jr., by the way, I give you permission), but I’m still waiting to be un-confused, thank you very much.

  2. Jenny H. says:

    BBM- I know. You may have to wait a minute or two longer. The flu of death has struck our house.

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