Life Lesson # 8,632…

When making your world famous Sweet Potato Souffle DO NOT use colored marshmallows.

It looks revolting. Especially the green ones, if you get my drift. It was still amazing. Just a little gross, visually.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

As you were.



The weather here in the South has been completely insane these last few weeks.

Tornados, hail the size of tangerines( sadly, that is really not an exaggeration and once I figure out to upload the pictures from my cell phone I will show you!),sunshine one minute, torrential downpours the next, warm weather, cold weather, windy weather and about a bajillion different changes every. day. I cannot take it anymore. My poor sinuses are begging for some sort of reprieve. My body is staging a rebellion even as we speak. I am tired. I need a break. And that is so not gonna happen. I have a busy week ahead of me. Involving a trip to the Social Security office AND the DMV, in the same day. I must be crazy.

Did I mention that those two trips into the outer realms of hell will be taking place after I visit my OB/GYN to have my IUD removed? Yeah. Good times. Plus, I will be making dinner for my parent’s later on that night.


I almost hate to say it, but I am really looking forward to summer. Even if it is hotter than the hammered down hinges of hell. At least there won’t be any frickin’ pollen.

Bah. Pollen.

Give Me Strength…

Two cranky toddlers+two short naps= one frustrated Mama.

Lord, give me strength. I have about another hour until bedtime. I am not really sure I can make it without pounding on one of their little heads. Or maybe both. At the same time. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

T-ball practice went fairly well. We have our first game on Saturday. We are however the only team who does NOT have our uniform. Seriously. We are supposed to be receiving them on Friday. Go Rockies!!

Anything new with y’all?

Our First Playdate, Update…

We had Aidan and Quinn’s first official playdate today. One of the girls I work with has two daughters who are the same age as the boys. Aidan will be in the same pre-K class as H. So we thought it would be a good idea to let them meet first so they would each know someone before school started in the fall. And I would like to point out that that was an incredibly difficult sentence to type without sobbing like a schoolgirl. But that can be a whole different post!

Back to the topic at hand. They had the most marvelous time. Another girl that we work with came and brought her seven month old son, B. We all realize that he is still a bit young to be playing with the other kids, but he had fun too! Plus, it was nice for all of us to get out and do something outside of work. It was kinda crazy because we ran into the husband of yet another co-worker, who was there with his brother and their children. That was just too funny. I kept looking for his wife- my other BFF, but she had gone to the store with their new baby girl, Kazooie Jinx. Which is not her real name. But the name I gave her when she was still in the womb. I’ll briefly explain. BFF already has three children. The girl’s names are all KJ names. So one day at work we grabbed a baby name book and started tossing around KJ names. And Kazooie Jinx was the best one we came up with. Well, Karma Joy was a very close second. So now I call the baby that. I may really need to get out more.

The point is we all had fun. And we are definitely going to do it again soon. With our husbands even. And a picnic. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The Answer Is Four Days…

The question is how many days can I stay with my parent’s before going completely insane?

Four days.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my parent’s. Without them the boys would have been in daycare. Which wasn’t something I was ever crazy about. But to have to stay with them whilst my hubby was out of town for four long days is just too much. Way too much. And I am sure they will be more than happy to have their house back. Minus noisy children and a cranky daughter.

I am getting ready to pack all our stuff up now,thankyoujeebus. My husband should be calling any time now. I can’t wait to go home. “Will & Grace” is calling my name.

Spring Is In The Air…

Most people when they think of Spring, think of Robin’s or Daffodil’s…but not me. To me, the first sign of Spring is baseball. When my beloved Braves report to Spring Training.

Nothing beats turning on your radio and hearing Skip Caray’s voice after a long winter minus our national pasttime. He is the epitome of baseball to me. I also enjoy listening to his son, Chip. When they are both calling a game it is like a little glimpse of heaven. I was fortunate to be able to hear three generations of Caray’s call a game once. It was some years ago, and the Cubbies were in town. All three Caray’s sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” for the seventh inning stretch. It was one of the coolest moments of my life.

I love baseball. I am hopeful every year that this could be our year. I faithfully watch every game. I take my children to as many games as I can. To me, baseball is so much more than just a sport. It is a large part of who I am. My family has always loved baseball. My grandma bled Dodger Blue. So did we, for the longest time. Even after moving to Georgia. And then we found ourselves watching and rooting for the Braves. And a new tradition began.

I remember the first time my parent’s took us to a Braves game. It was at Fulton County Stadium. It was amazing. Being there in person to see an actual game is just beyond compare. We ate a ton of junk food, drank a million cokes and had the time of our lives. I no longer remember who won that particular game, but knowing how we played back then it is doubtful it was the Braves! But that didn’t matter, it was about being together. It was the first of many games for us as a family. And one of the first things I looked forward to after finding out I was pregnant for the first time.

And so it begins. A new tradition. My children love baseball, love going to The Ted, love eating Braves dogs. And that to me is worth more than just about anything in all the world.

So bring on the arrival of Spring. And all that it means.

Batter up!

God Save Me From Cranky Two Year Olds…

I don’t believe my youngest child woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. I can’t really be sure because I was on my way to work when the waking up part of this program took place. But I am here now. And let me just tell you that Captain Pissy is alive and well, and definitely in the building.

He also has not taken his afternoon nap. I completely blame my parent’s. They are way too permissive. Not that I am bitter, but, I was never allowed to do even an eighth of the things these two hellions,er darlings, do. Seriously. It makes me crazy. So now I have one child who is my sweet baboo, and another who is the devil incarnate. And I am spending another night at my parent’s house. What swell news.The power is supposed to be on in the morning.

I am so ready to be home in my own big ol’ bed. With a big,fat glass of wine. And some “Will & Grace”. My idea of heaven.