I No Longer Heart The Falcons…

I can put up with a lot of things. Losing seasons. Embarassing, not to mention illegal, dog-fighting charges( and also just wrong and horribly cruel to those poor dogs, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.), and general jackass behavior.

But what I cannot put up with is the loss of one of our most beloved players. For NO GOOD REASON. Warrick Dunn was “released” from the Atlanta Falcons. One of our top players. A fan favorite for years. A true gentleman, on and off the field. And consistently one of our best players. This came on the heels of the loss of Alge Crumpler and Rod “The Bod” Coleman. I am flabbergasted. Betrayed. Bewildered.

So, I will no longer be rooting for the Falcons. I will be switching my allegiance to the Saints. Which oughta make my friend Wordnerd pretty happy! No, seriously. I have always been a Saints fan. Made even more so of one by the arrival of my beloved Reggie Bush(USC,natch!). This year promises to be quite exciting. I am ready. I will be purchasing myself and the boys some t-shirts and we will be watching. And rooting.

Geaux Saints!


4 thoughts on “I No Longer Heart The Falcons…

  1. Wordnerd says:

    I’ve NEVER liked the Falcons, so I always thought that they were not good enough for the likes of my homeboy Warrick Dunn. He is a truly incredible human being.

  2. Wordnerd says:

    And yes, I AM very happy!!! Geaux Saints!!!

  3. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    I am willing to accept and respect your new choice in teams, but only because I like you.

  4. Jenny H. says:

    Wordnerd- I could NOT agree more. They never deserved him. Hmmm.

    BBM- Thank you for your kindness.Please keep in mind that I have no harsh feelings towards your own team. They also get love because they have Troy P-whatshisname, who also played for my beloved Trojans.

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