Things I Have Learned Thus Far…

I borrowed this from Zoot. It just took me a little while to get it up!

*Sometimes it’s not all bad that you find yourself turning into your mother.

*And sometimes she can still make you madder than a wet hen.

*When things are tough, the person I want to comfort me is always my husband.

*Nothing beats the smell of little boys and sunshine.

*Potty training really IS the seventh circle of hell.

*Sometimes being on the same page is way overrated…most of the time I’m happy if we’re on the same chapter!

*Being a mama is the tough. And wonderful all at the same time. Did I mention tough?!

*Just how cool it is to see the wonders of the world through the eyes of your child.

*That sometimes the dishes really can wait, and so can the laundry, if it’s more fun to play a little game of Candyland instead.

*That I would love someone other than myself and my husband more than anything imaginable. And then some.

*Your family is always your family. Even when they irritate the crap out of you.

*You really do learn something new every day.

What about y’all? Any new tricks?


Still Watching Out For Cat Barp….

A few updates for mah peeps…

My friend M. is doing well. As well as to be expected. She has received a ton of wonderful things for her new home. She moves in on Tuesday. I am so happy for her. And still at the same time, I just ache for all that was lost. I will keep you all posted.

My hubby surprised me this weekend at work. He wasn’t supposed to be coming home until possibly next weekend(he has been gone for almost a month!). I was so upset. I cried for two days. It was horrible. Then, on Friday while I am at work, I turn around and there he was. I burst into tears and ran towards him. This would be a perfect time for some cheesy music. So, mah weekend has been a little busy. ;)!

The whole cat barp thing? Yeah, that is from my youngest. The cat left a small horked-up present for me in front of my door last week. I was in a rush to get out the door and hurriedly told the boys to “watch out for cat barf” and it has been madness ever since. Every time we enter/leave our domicile he has to tell everyone to “watch out for cat barp, Mama” in his little boy voice. It is so damn cute. Truly.

And that about wraps it up. See you peeps on the flip side.

Why I Haven’t Been Posting… And It Has Nothing To Do With The Ol’ Pinky Toe….

My friend M. lost everything she had in an apartment fire on Sunday night. The fire destroyed twenty units, including hers. Thankfully, she and her family were completely unharmed. They also had renter’s insurance.

I am so upset for her. We haven’t been friends for too terribly long. But we just sorta connected. The girl is exactly like me, but with smaller boobs. Her children are the same age as the boys. Her husband is just like my husband. It is almost freaky. But I digress. I am working on finding her things for her house. We have all got together and bought the girls new clothes. My boss bought towels,diapers,socks,underwear,deodorant, and the like. As well as clothes for her and D. I am very grateful to work for such an awesome boss. Very grateful.

She is doing okay. The girls are fine. She is just so damn scared. I don’t blame her. I’m scared for her. I cannot imagine what this must be like for her. I am just doing whatever I can to help out. So if I’m not here for a little bit, then you know why.

Keep her and her family in your prayers, please.


So. I may and or may not, have broken my right pinky toe. I am fairly certain it cannot be a good sign when said pinky toe is angled out like it’s at three’o’clock on my own personal foot timepiece. And it’s black and swollen up like a fat,purple grape.

This is my own opinion. I am not a doctor. Nor do I intend to pay a fourty dollar co-pay for one to tell me it is broken and I am shit outta luck. Because as you know, you can’t do jack to fix a *possibly* broken pinky toe. Except maybe have a big,fat glass of vino after having worked on it all day. Jeebus.

So that is where I am now. It sucks. Thank God I can wear flip-flops. I don’t think I could get my poor toe into a real shoe.

At least not without a helluva lot more vino!!

Life is Good…

In spite of the recent turmoil of the last few days, life is in fact good. I have many things to be thankful for. I know that. It just seems like I sometimes lose sight of that when things are tough. Note to self.

It was a glorious day here in the land of cotton. Blue skies, gentle breezes, all that was missing was a white sandy beach and it could of been heaven. Well, that and a big fat margarita. But I digress. I took the boys to the park this afternoon. We had a blast. Fed some ducks, slid down some slides, saw a jet fighter. All in all a most excellent day. Which I needed. And now, after I have mooched dinner from my parent’s, I have the great joy of being able to watch my son’s t-ball game in about twenty minutes. So I bid you farewell.

I pinky swear promise to update you all on the goings on im my life over the last few days. It is not a pleasant subject and it is going to be a rather long post. Plus, I am just not even really sure how to begin. Let me at least tell you that I am okay. My children are fine. My husband is fine. I promise, not too much longer. Please be patient.

Thanks y’all. You RAWK.


Can anyone explain why Caillou, who is four, still does not have hair? Because I am stumped. I unfortunately had to watch an episode this morning with Nub and Dub.Believe it or not it was one that I had not seen 36548 times.

Where was I? Oh yes, in the episode it shows a flashback of his Dad at his age, and here is the kicker- he has a head full of hair. So what happened? Why is that whiny little shit still bald as a billiard ball?

And here is another question for ya. Why in the hell do I really care?

I may need to get out more. Sad, I know.

Bah… Part Deux…

Have I mentioned how annoyed I am by not having my computer in my own home? What’s that you say? Maybe once or twice?

Well then, since you claim it’s been awhile. Let us bitch about it now. I really HATE not having access to my own damn computer whenever I feel the urge. Which is quite a lot. I hate that my MySpace page is sad and forgotten. I hate the only way I can communicate with all my blog friends is by hurriedly reading their latest post and maybe, just maybe being able to leave a quick comment. But mostly not. I hate that I can’t pay bills when I want to. I hate that I can no longer spend naptime surfing the internets for new and fun things that I will spend far too much money and time on.

It just sucks. Please know if you are still reading my blog that it will get better soon. And I AM reading your blog. Just maybe not always commenting.

And I miss you all very much.

And I am keeping myself very entertained with really bad reality tv. Really bad. So bad I am almost embarassed to admit which shows(yes, plural!!) that I am actually watching. But I will give you a hint. One of them could be bad for your health….