Bah… Part Deux…

Have I mentioned how annoyed I am by not having my computer in my own home? What’s that you say? Maybe once or twice?

Well then, since you claim it’s been awhile. Let us bitch about it now. I really HATE not having access to my own damn computer whenever I feel the urge. Which is quite a lot. I hate that my MySpace page is sad and forgotten. I hate the only way I can communicate with all my blog friends is by hurriedly reading their latest post and maybe, just maybe being able to leave a quick comment. But mostly not. I hate that I can’t pay bills when I want to. I hate that I can no longer spend naptime surfing the internets for new and fun things that I will spend far too much money and time on.

It just sucks. Please know if you are still reading my blog that it will get better soon. And I AM reading your blog. Just maybe not always commenting.

And I miss you all very much.

And I am keeping myself very entertained with really bad reality tv. Really bad. So bad I am almost embarassed to admit which shows(yes, plural!!) that I am actually watching. But I will give you a hint. One of them could be bad for your health….


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