Can anyone explain why Caillou, who is four, still does not have hair? Because I am stumped. I unfortunately had to watch an episode this morning with Nub and Dub.Believe it or not it was one that I had not seen 36548 times.

Where was I? Oh yes, in the episode it shows a flashback of his Dad at his age, and here is the kicker- he has a head full of hair. So what happened? Why is that whiny little shit still bald as a billiard ball?

And here is another question for ya. Why in the hell do I really care?

I may need to get out more. Sad, I know.


5 thoughts on “Question?

  1. Wordnerd says:

    Jenny? Honey? Look out the window. See all that fresh air and sunshine? It’s your friend.


  2. jen says:

    I read somewhere he is bald so all kids could identify with him. Not just kids with brown hair or blond hair or whatnot. Just bald kids, I guess.

  3. Jenny H. says:

    Wordnerd- Ha, ha. Wanna know what is currently NOT my friend?

    Pollen. It is NASTY out here right now. Hence the Caillou dilema.

    Jen- Seriously? And that comment was too funny. I’m still giggling…

  4. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    Huh. I’m thinking my kid is still going to be bald when she’s 4, so maybe it’s not that weird. Ask me again in two more years.

  5. Jenny H. says:

    BBM- She is NOT bald!!!!! You crazy!

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