Life is Good…

In spite of the recent turmoil of the last few days, life is in fact good. I have many things to be thankful for. I know that. It just seems like I sometimes lose sight of that when things are tough. Note to self.

It was a glorious day here in the land of cotton. Blue skies, gentle breezes, all that was missing was a white sandy beach and it could of been heaven. Well, that and a big fat margarita. But I digress. I took the boys to the park this afternoon. We had a blast. Fed some ducks, slid down some slides, saw a jet fighter. All in all a most excellent day. Which I needed. And now, after I have mooched dinner from my parent’s, I have the great joy of being able to watch my son’s t-ball game in about twenty minutes. So I bid you farewell.

I pinky swear promise to update you all on the goings on im my life over the last few days. It is not a pleasant subject and it is going to be a rather long post. Plus, I am just not even really sure how to begin. Let me at least tell you that I am okay. My children are fine. My husband is fine. I promise, not too much longer. Please be patient.

Thanks y’all. You RAWK.


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