Why I Haven’t Been Posting… And It Has Nothing To Do With The Ol’ Pinky Toe….

My friend M. lost everything she had in an apartment fire on Sunday night. The fire destroyed twenty units, including hers. Thankfully, she and her family were completely unharmed. They also had renter’s insurance.

I am so upset for her. We haven’t been friends for too terribly long. But we just sorta connected. The girl is exactly like me, but with smaller boobs. Her children are the same age as the boys. Her husband is just like my husband. It is almost freaky. But I digress. I am working on finding her things for her house. We have all got together and bought the girls new clothes. My boss bought towels,diapers,socks,underwear,deodorant, and the like. As well as clothes for her and D. I am very grateful to work for such an awesome boss. Very grateful.

She is doing okay. The girls are fine. She is just so damn scared. I don’t blame her. I’m scared for her. I cannot imagine what this must be like for her. I am just doing whatever I can to help out. So if I’m not here for a little bit, then you know why.

Keep her and her family in your prayers, please.


2 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Been Posting… And It Has Nothing To Do With The Ol’ Pinky Toe….

  1. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    That is such a nightmare. I can’t even imagine losing everything. Good luck pulling things together for her. It’s extremely kind of you.

  2. Jenny H. says:

    BBM- My heart just aches for her…

    I must say that all of my friends have been amazing. We have come up with a ton of stuff for her and her family. I am very blessed to know such extraordinary people and to have them be a part of my life.

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