Still Watching Out For Cat Barp….

A few updates for mah peeps…

My friend M. is doing well. As well as to be expected. She has received a ton of wonderful things for her new home. She moves in on Tuesday. I am so happy for her. And still at the same time, I just ache for all that was lost. I will keep you all posted.

My hubby surprised me this weekend at work. He wasn’t supposed to be coming home until possibly next weekend(he has been gone for almost a month!). I was so upset. I cried for two days. It was horrible. Then, on Friday while I am at work, I turn around and there he was. I burst into tears and ran towards him. This would be a perfect time for some cheesy music. So, mah weekend has been a little busy. ;)!

The whole cat barp thing? Yeah, that is from my youngest. The cat left a small horked-up present for me in front of my door last week. I was in a rush to get out the door and hurriedly told the boys to “watch out for cat barf” and it has been madness ever since. Every time we enter/leave our domicile he has to tell everyone to “watch out for cat barp, Mama” in his little boy voice. It is so damn cute. Truly.

And that about wraps it up. See you peeps on the flip side.


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