25 Things You Always Wanted To Know…

Yeah, I know it’s kind of a cop out. I’m tired of listening to myself complain. Enjoy….

1- I am a total francophile.
2- I love to watch commercials.
3- I don’t really understand texting.
4- I love MySpace far more than I should. Far more.
5- I am nervous about having another child. Excited, but still a little terrified.
6- I am mad with the Atlanta Falcons. I no longer heart them. Geaux Saints!
7- I have replaced “moot point” with “moo point”. What? It’s a cow’s opinion!!
8- I say “whatev” because I know it gets on my husbands nerves.
9- I would rather take a nap than just about anything.
10- I have a green thumb.
11- I drink far too much soda.
12- I can make really killer lasagna.
13- I still sleep with my body pillow from my prior pregnancies. What? I love that thing!
14- I still have quite a potty mouth.
15- I put syrup on my cornbread.
16- I pretty much wear flip-flops year round.
17- I love everything about the Olympics.
18- I like to watch beauty pageants with my parents.
19- I am still computer challenged.
20- I have a bizarre sense of humor.
21- I love nothing more than snuggling with the boys on a lazy morning.
22- I no longer care for my mom’s meatloaf. Blech.
23- I am ready to move out.
24- I still sometimes miss my ex-BFF. Only sometimes.
25- I do NOT want to be pregnant in the summer. EVER. AGAIN.

Voila! Now you know a little bit more about me. It wasn’t at all painful, was it?

Good times.


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