Did You Know?

************ possible TMI alert ************

Hi! Here’s an interesting tidbit I found out on Tuesday morning…

When having your IUD removed it is ADVISED to ABSTAIN FROM THE SEX FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK PRIOR TO SAID REMOVAL. Because with the IUD most women don’t have a period. Or if you’re like me, it’s every six weeks-ish for about an hour. Ovulation who? So on the off chance you are ovulating before the removal, come to Mama!


I’m thinking that might be an important smidge of information that a person’s OB/GYN might need to mention beforehand. So certain people don’t decide to win one for the Gipper, if you catch my drift.


I could very well already BE pregnant. I’m just waiting for my husband to confirm or the arrival of good ol’ Aunt Flo. Either way it’s gonna be one hell of a couple weeks!

**** edited to add ****
Flo has arrived, thankyouverymuch. I would have been excited to have already been pregnant, but it would have sucked some of the fun right on out of it. You know?


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