Like Shootin’ Fish In A Barrel…

Well, it was.


Gawd, I love college football. I did have to work, but I also had time to at least see the scores on By the time I made it home we had already scored three touchdowns. Glory be. I never do get tired of hearing our fight song. Fight On!

I do have to admit to feeling more than a little , smug, shall we say? A Pac-10 team with ” no strength of schedule” beat a High and Mighty ACC team?  Ya don’t say. For the record, I would put SC up against ANY TEAM OUT THERE. Pete runs one hell of a program, always has. He has proved time and again that the talent is there. I , for one, am more than ready for the next game. And all the games that follow.

Even if we never win another game. That’s how much I love my team. I will admit to loving them just a smidge more now that we are a powerhouse again. Hey, the eighties were a very lean time for SC fans. We were overdue. Looooong overdue.

And now it is definitely time to enjoy our just desserts. Whose ready for fifty-thirds?



Yeah, baby! Only TWO more days until my beloved Trojans open their season against Virginia. I could not be more excited.

Oh, wait. I could. Because I WILL BE WORKING. I AM THE ONLY BUYER. *sobs really hard*. I am scheduled until six. *sniffs*. However, since my Boss is such an awesome person(minus the fact that she is a Georgia fan), I will get to leave after the last Buy. Which will be at EXACTLY five ‘o’ clock or there will be HELL.TO.PAY.

So I figure to be able to make it home by halftime. I have already instructed my Diddy to call me with updates. And that will just have to do.

Fight On.

DWTS Season Seven’s Cast…

I am soooo excited about this season’s cast and in about one minute I will tell you why! Here is the list…

1-Lance Bass. Okay. Snore…

2-Rocco Dispirito. I don’t care for him. Now, if it were say, Gordon Ramsey? Hubba hubba.

3-Misty May-Treanor. So very,very cool. I puffy pink heart her.

4-Maurice Greene. Who?

5-Toni Braxton. I like her well enough. My only problem would be a long ago roommate who listened to “Unbreak My Heart” seventeen katrillion times until I wanted to stab her in the eye. Other than that? We are all good.

6-Kim Kardashian. I can’t help but love her too. Don’t ask me why. I dunno.

7-Cody Lindley. From Hannah Montana. One of my, er the boys, favorite shows. Shut it. I already admitted I thought Billy Ray Cryus was hot. What more do you people want? Blood? My soul?

8-Cloris Leachman. Not to be indelicate, but I didn’t even realize she was still alive.

9-Ted McGinley. I always liked him. I had a minor crush on him when I was in high school. Funny guys really did it for me. Still do. My husband is one of the funniest men I have ever met.

10-Brooke Burke. Meh. Kinda ambivalent on this one. She seems nice enough. Other than horrible taste in men and baby names.

11-Jeffrey Ross. Comedian. Um, yeah. Not so much with the funny.

12-Warren Sapp. This ought to be good. Have you seen the sheer size of this man? Jeebus.

And that would normally be the end of it as we all know. Except. It’s not. Because this year there are THIRTEEN STARS. Squeeeeee! The thirteenth star is none other than one of my most favoritest stars evah…

13-SUSAN LUCCI aka “Erica Kane”. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I am beside myself with excitement. I feel the need to point out that I have been a fan of AMC for about twenty years. I used to be able to name all the men she had married. Then I had children and that little skill went out the window. Along with being able to sleep late. What? Where was I? Oh yes, SUSAN LUCCI. The only thing that could have possibly made it any better would have been if her daughter was on at the same time. Dude. I am giving myself goosebumps. I really need to get out more.

Anyhoo. I am looking forward to the new season with an enthusiasm that is usually reserved for the start of college football season. Now all I need is a DWTS shirt. Too much?

A List Is Sort Of Like A Meme, Right?

I totally stole this from Misty at Our House. I heart her. I received my PiF gift from her today! Squeeee! I have to find my camera and then post pictures. Which I will do. When I remember where the hell my camera is. Because, y’all? It is good stuff! Back to the list. Like Misty, I too make lists. A lot of lists. Lists of lists.


Maybe I should get off my duff and make my Bubba his shirt, already.

I love the smell of my boys just after getting out of their bath. That smell of freshness and just, little boy. It’s the best smell in the whole wide world to me.

People would say that I am a good friend. I am. I cherish my friendships and work very hard to make sure my friends know they are loved.

I don’t understand why people insist on being rude to people who are attempting to take care of them in some fashion. Be it waiting tables, shopping, servicing an item, etc. It is one of my biggest pet peeves.

I lost my patience with Dub this afternoon. I don’t like it when that happens. It makes me feel bad.

Life is absolutely what you make of it. I always try to see the positive side of things even if I gotta dig deep to find the one little thing that will be positive. It’s who I am.

My past involves involves a person I no longer know how to be. Or even want to be. I am finally content with who I am now.

My idea of a good time is snuggling down under the covers with the boys to watch a good movie. And getting to smooch a few pink bellies along the way.

I wish I was thinner. What? Who doesn’t? I am working on that part of me. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin, finally.

Twins are my fondest wish! Especially twin GIRLS! Don’t let my husband see this. He would have the big one for sure.

Dust bunnies are currently breeding in the nooks and crannies of my home. ( I totally stole this answer too! Well, it applied to my home situation. And besides, it was a good answer!).

Tomorrow I’m going to sleep late. Yeah, baby.

I have low tolerance for people who do not LISTEN. I HATE HAVING TO REPEAT MYSELF. Unless you are slightly hard of hearing. Then I don’t mind so much.

I’m totally terrified of spiders and zombies. Oh Sweet Jeebus, I just thought of something. Can you have a Spider-zombie?  You can’t right? Right? Hello?

I wonder why people bother having children if they aren’t going to love them and teach them how to be good and productive human beings.

Never in my life have I seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Or Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang. What? I haven’t.

High school was not as angst ridden as it could have been. I was in band. I was cool. Hey, you can laugh all you want to. I am STILL friends with these people after twenty years.

When I’m nervous I get all sweaty and clammy. Blech.

One time at a family gathering I bent over to reach for something and may have accidentally farted. I was pregnant. I think that makes it okay.

Take my advice: Always follow your heart. You won’t have any regrets that way.

Taking a good picture is sometimes an elusive skill for me.

I’m almost always late.

I’m addicted to flavored creamer in my coffee. I love all kinds. Except plain chocolate and hazelnut. Blech.

I want someone to give me a pedicure. And then maybe a backrub. Yeah.


What Have I Done?

I have got to stop getting wild hairs. Gulp. I changed my site. To WordPress. I have wanted a change for awhile, but didn’t want to lose all my old posts. Then I found out I could transfer them to my new blog. 

So I did. It was interesting, to say the least. And more than a little terrifying. But it is officially done.

Y’all may have to give me a little bit to get my links back up and running. I don’t have the foggiest idea what in the hell I am doing. But I’m learning…

Operation Knocked Up…

Negatory, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Well. Did you really expect it to happen so soon? And with the living at the ‘Rents house? In my old bedroom across the hall? Sharing a room with the boys?

There’s always next month. I would say wish me luck, but I am not sure what it is I should be wished. Fertility? Stamina? Bendiness? TMI?

Whatever it is, wish it to me. I got a powerful hankerin’ for another baby.

Edited to add- According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, I need to become pregnant later this month in order for it to be a girl. Which is theoretically possible. No pressure.

Otherwise I have to wait until APRIL of 2009 for my next chance at having a girl. Jeez. Anyone else have any other methods,ideas they would be willing to share? I really want a girl this time.