Like Shootin’ Fish In A Barrel…

Well, it was.


Gawd, I love college football. I did have to work, but I also had time to at least see the scores on By the time I made it home we had already scored three touchdowns. Glory be. I never do get tired of hearing our fight song. Fight On!

I do have to admit to feeling more than a little , smug, shall we say? A Pac-10 team with ” no strength of schedule” beat a High and Mighty ACC team?  Ya don’t say. For the record, I would put SC up against ANY TEAM OUT THERE. Pete runs one hell of a program, always has. He has proved time and again that the talent is there. I , for one, am more than ready for the next game. And all the games that follow.

Even if we never win another game. That’s how much I love my team. I will admit to loving them just a smidge more now that we are a powerhouse again. Hey, the eighties were a very lean time for SC fans. We were overdue. Looooong overdue.

And now it is definitely time to enjoy our just desserts. Whose ready for fifty-thirds?


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