Frickity-frackin’ Internets…

So. I am right in the middle of placing a HUGE order for my Avon peeps. I update the order after every third item because, Dude, I learn from my mistakes. It may take me longer than the average bear, but I learn. So after placing what is quite possibly the largest order I have ever had I realize I forgot to order some brochures. No big, right?

Eeennnn, wrong. I can no longer access the site. WTF? I am beyond mad right now. Stupid internets. I keep thinking that it will be okay if I just give it a minute,already. Nada. I have given it lots of minutes,already. I’m about to give it a few minutes in a little place I like to call where-the-sun-don’t-shine. Already.

Now. Quit fucking around and give me my damn order. Or I will be forced to go all crazy on your internets self.


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