Another Year Older…

Dear Dub,

Happy Birthday, my beautiful, sweet boy. Today you are three. And so very grown up it makes me want to cry. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that I was still pregnant with you. I know it’s cliche, but it is so true.You had to be induced because you were in no big hurry to come out. Honestly, I think if it were up to you you’d STILL be in there! You did NOT want to leave mah belly. But I was more than ready for you to be out. I hadn’t slept in weeks!

You are so big now. You do NOT like to be called “baby” for any reason. You are becoming funnier with each passing year. You still make your Devil Face upon request. And you are still my very best Snuggle Bunny. You want to do everything your big Bubba does. You were pretty upset when he started pre-K. I think you like it now though. You’re the only game in town!

We had your party on Sunday at Clinton Nature Preserve. You had to have Star Wars as your theme. You L-O-V-E Star Wars. Me, Daddy, Bubba, Grammy, Grampy, Momo, Paw-Paw, Gigi, Monica, Dan, Hanah, Ariauna,Aunt Rhonda, Rhett,Kathy,Daniel,and Sarah were all there. Grammy made you a Chewbacca cake. You had so much fun. The weather was absolutely perfect.And you looked so cute in your shirt that I made for you(I have a picture that I will put up in a later post, or add to this one!). You got to play with all of your friends and see all your grandparents at the same time. You were in heaven!

You are such a smart boy.You know your ABC’S,most of your colors(although you can name them in Spanish!),you can count to almost twenty, and you can get dressed all by yourself. You even look like a little boy. Your fat little pink belly is almost completely gone. You talk all the time, even sometimes in your sleep! You just want to GO!GO!GO! You are very grown up. I am so proud of you. Even though I sometimes miss my baby.

I look forward to watching you grow up. To seeing the man you will become. I don’t know what I ever did that was so right to deserve you(or your Bubba), but I will be forever grateful. And humbled by the gift of you.

I love you. My Sweet Boy. I always will.



2 thoughts on “Another Year Older…

  1. eviltwinswife says:

    Awwww – Happy Birthday to him! 🙂

  2. jenny626 says:

    Evil Twin’s Wife- Thank you!

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