Updates! Get Your Hot, Juicy Updates!

Well. There may not be any juicy  updates, but there will be updates. Gimme a break. I was going with what I had. I’m sick. Have a little pity.


* Nub will be having his stitches removed on Tuesday. What’s that? Oh, didn’t I mention he had to have stitches last Sunday? Yeah… He was playing with an old helium balloon leftover from his Bubba’s birthday. It had one of those weights tied to the bottom. You know, the ones to keep them from popping on your ceiling? Only this one is hard rubber with a magnet attached. So you can put it on your fridge when you are done. Sort of a two-fer, I suppose. Right about the time the words ” don’t do that or you will poke your eye out” leave my mouth his brother lets go and it comes flying back and hits him right in the head. He immediately starts bawling. Good mother that I am I tell him that I don’t want to hear it because I told him to quit before he hurt himself. I send him down the hall to Grammy. Where I hear her scream ” OMG, HE’S BLEEDING, GET ME A TOWEL, SOMETHING, ANYTHING, QUICK”. I come running down the hallway and see him bleeding like a stuck hog. I grab a towel and we take him to the ER. Where he gets THREE stitches. THREE. MY BABY. He handles it like a champ. A champ, I tell you. He doesn’t cry the whole time.  He watches the doctor stitch him up. Then, he thanks him. Manners, even in the face of adversity. The boy kills me. He really does. Looks like I will definitely NOT be in the running for Mother of the Year this year. S’okay. There’s always next year.

* We got the house. We move out the first weekend in October. I am beyond thankful. Truly. The house is sooo much nicer than our old one. I can hardly wait. I can cook again. Oh happy day!There will be the watching of our own shows! There will be nakedness! Oh, sorry. It sort of slipped out. Let’s just say that the entire household will be in a State of Joy.

* I have come up with TWO new ways of making some extra cash for the holidays. One is starting my own Bartending business. We can work private parties, weddings, or whatever social occasion would require a bartender. I even have business cards! Pretty fancy, eh? The second idea, which would allow me to stay home with Dub, is to watch some of my friends children during the day. I would only have 2-3 children, and only until 5:30, Monday thru Friday. That way I could still work at my job now to keep my employee discount. I’ve been sort of spoiled by that. I would also be helping them out because I would charge less than their daycare. I would provide their meals and basically do what I do with my own children during the day. But get paid for it. Genius, right?

* I have actually made some grown-up, big girl plans with my very best BFF. I know. I am practically beside myself with excitement. We are doing something next Tuesday. I believe it will be involving wine. Let’s hope my head cold is gone by then. It better be. I haven’t been out in a trillion years. At least. And I don’t care if I am in traction, I am going.

And I think that is the end of my updates. Oh, wait. I forgot about one.

* My beloved USC Trojans kicked a little Buckeye ass last weekend. Yeah, Baby! Someone said they thought this was the best team Pete had had yet. If that’s the case, y’all better look out. Either way, it ought to be one helluva season. Which is fine by me.


4 thoughts on “Updates! Get Your Hot, Juicy Updates!

  1. wordnerd says:

    Look atchoo, actin’ all growed up!!! 🙂 So happy about the house! I know you guys can’t wait to get into your own place. Congrats!

    And damn — congrats to your Trojans. I do believe they made OSU – excuse me – THE OSU – their bitch. Ha!

  2. jenny626 says:

    Wordnerd- I know, right! I can barely believe it myself. Thank you so much. We are READY.

    Ahem, not to brag, or anything, but they WERE pretty damn awesome! HAH! But, if I’m not mistaken, LSU is kickin’ some ass as well… who knows where it all could lead?!

    I’m glad to hear from you. I hope you and your family are all well. I think about you often.

  3. There is nothing quite like new home ownership. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at once, but it’s simply the best after the paperwork and the moving is done!

  4. jenny626 says:

    Evil Twin’s Wife- We are counting down the days! And believe me, I am ready to be done moving. Not to mention UNPACKING.

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