Kids Will Be Kids, Or Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Let My Husband Go To The Park By Himself Ever Again…

Now, to be fair, I feel the need to explain that my husband has not been allowed to go to the park with just him and the children for several years now. Ever since the Duck Incident of 2005. My husband is an animal lover. He is a rather large man, but so very gentle. He doesn’t take kindly to seeing anyone or anything mistreated. Especially a small, defenseless duck. He became quite angry while at the park one afternoon with the boys because a little boy was throwing rocks at the ducks. Not pebbles. Rocks. While his Mama did nothing. My husband told the little boy he ought not to throw rocks at animals and the little boy’s Mama proceeded to start yelling at my husband instead of her mean little kid. Can you believe it? He packed up the boys and brought them home. He informed me that he would not be going to the park without me . Ever again.

And in almost four years, he hasn’t. We take the boys to the park almost every weekend. We have a great one close by. The play area is rockin’. Truly. There are nature trails, biking trails, a lake, open areas, and even a historic site. We love to go there and always have a lot of fun. Except last weekend. Let’s just say that last weekend someone should be lucky I didn’t beat her snooty ass into the ground. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say that out loud? Well. She should be…

The park was a little more crowded than usual. We didn’t think anything about it. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. You know, one of those perfect days right before Fall? Not too hot, not too cool, with just enough of a breeze. The boys went out to play on the playground and we settled in to watch. It wasn’t long before we noticed this kid being really nasty to Nub. He kept telling him to get off his playground. He then had two of the kids he was playing with stand guard to make sure neither of my children could play on the playground. The boys were visibly confused. No one has ever treated them like that. One of the children said that Nub was weird and he didn’t want to play with him. I was shocked. I know kids will be cruel. I understand that. I just never imagined that they could be such little shits either. The same little boy actually pushed Nub. He came over and told us that he wasn’t allowed to play there anymore. His father and I told him he most certainly was and to get right back up there. He marched back up there and told those mean little kids that they shouldn’t talk to people like that. That they should take turns and not talk ugly to people. Dub right by his side. The kid told him again to leave and gave him another shove. The boys parents were right there the whole time. And never said a word. My husband calmly got up and walked over to them and told the little boy that it was NOT his playground and that all the children could play there. At that point in time the mother of the child took him and the little brother off to another area of the playground. Lucky for her. We went to school together. I would have enjoyed pounding her to bits. Not that I would have. There were children present. I would have never gotten into an altercation with another parent in front of our children. But Jesus, was I ever pissed. Still kind of am.

What kind of parent lets their child act like that? AND DOES NOTHING? I would be MORTIFIED if either one of my children ever behaved like that. And then after the embarrassment wore off I would totally kill them. But that is beside the point. I just don’t understand parents who don’t seem to care how their children behave or treat other children.

I do have to say that we have NEVER been more proud of Nub and Dub than we were last weekend. They never yelled at the children nor did they push them back or touch them in any way. They stood up for each other. And when that was done, they went off to play in the sandbox. Together. Don’t get me wrong, they will pound on each other with no compunction. But you better by God not mess with either one of them while the other is right there. Then they are thick as thieves. Nub and Dub. Just wait until they are in the same school.

Look out world, The H%^&*$ Boys are not to be trifled with…


2 thoughts on “Kids Will Be Kids, Or Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Let My Husband Go To The Park By Himself Ever Again…

  1. Ugh. I hate those kinds of parents…. I know my two aren’t always angels, but I do try to be aware of their behaviour and make corrections when necessary.

  2. jenny626 says:

    Evil Twin’s Wife- That’s all I’m sayin’. Mine aren’t always little angels either. But you can bet your sweet butt they would NEVER be allowed to act like that! Thank you!

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