200th Post!

I have been trying for days to write this meaningful post about how far I’ve come since I began blogging. How I’ve met great new friends through the magic of the internets.How I feel a part of this big bloggy family. And it just hasn’t worked out. I can’t quite find the words to express just what it is that I want to say. It’s frustrating. It also doesn’t help that I am in the middle of packing and I am still sick. I know. It’s been almost two weeks of this nastiness. Meh.

I do want to write about my experience. It’s just not gonna be today. But, I am okay with that.

Y’all may not hear much from me over the next few days. You know, with the moving and all. I will be back just as soon as I can. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “200th Post!

  1. wordnerd says:

    Just think like I do — and post whenever you feel like it!

  2. jenny626 says:

    Wordnerd- It wasn’t the lack of post, just time! And nagging mothers. But that is all about to change after tomorrow!

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