The Big F-I-V-E…

(this is the post I would have actually written on his birthday, if the Fates had not decided to mess with me for the umpteenth time. Thankfully, I am not bitter(much) about it…)

Dear Nub,

Today you are five years old. Five. F-I-V-E. I can’t really even believe it. We don’t get to have your party today because of something dumb that happened last night. You don’t know that. But I do.Β  It wasn’t anything bad, just a misunderstanding. But, God, did it ever mess everything all up. I am writing you this letter late. I am not happy about that either. But sometimes that is how it goes and you just have to pick yourself up and keep on going…

You are the funniest boy in the whole world. You still love Star Wars and tools. You have developed quite an obsession with Care Bears lately, but that’s okay. Daddy and I don’t mind one bit. They have a good message and it beats the heck out of watching Veggie Tales for the katrillionth time! You like school and get “Good Day notes” pretty frequently. You are learning so much. You can write your name and recognize some sight words. You can add and sometimes subtract without too much help from me or Daddy. You want to learn how to read more than anything in the whole world. We bought some easy books for you to practice on.

You are such a joy to Daddy and I. Every day. I can’t remember what my life was like without you in it. You are such an important part of me. My sweet boy. My baby. Five. I never really thought it was such a big number before it became your age. I hope that Daddy and I are doing a good job teaching you about life. I like to think that we are. People stop me in the store to talk to you and your little brother all the time. They always tell me how polite you both are.

I just want so much for you. The world, I guess. I want you to be happy and healthy and find love. I want to continue to watch you grow up. I want to see the man you finally become. I want the journey we began five years ago to never end. It has been the best ride of my life.

Thank you for being born first. For allowing me to learn how to be a Mama. You are the very best thing to have ever happened to me(and your Bubba!) and I am so very grateful for every day that I get to be “Nub’s Mama”. I love you so very much. Happy Fifth Birthday, Nub!



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