25 Things! About Me! That Hopefully I Haven’t Mentioned Already! HAHAHAHA!

To be fair, I wasn’t actually tagged for this Meme. But I do love me a good Meme and I am trying to get back in the habit of posting frequently. I also know three people who have done it. There you have it. And now, without further ado, twenty-five new,exciting,stupendous things that you never wanted to know about me.

1- I can no longer eat salmon. Sadly, salmon is dead to me forever as a direct result of my first pregnancy. I now like sweet potatoes instead.

2- I have been known to occasionally use song lyrics as a sentence. What? Doesn’t everyone?

3- I read anything. Truly. I devour books.

4- I haven’t read Twilight yet.

5- I love to watch the Superbowl even if I don’t like the teams who are playing because I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the commercials. And the snacky-snacks.

6- My great-great uncle is a sort of well-known artist. We have two of his paintings. His work is unbelievable. I am quite proud.

7- I also own a wonderful painting by another artist, an old family friend, whom my son is named after. Pretty cool,eh?

8- Did I mention I think Chef’s are hot? I mean they actually have to be sorta hot and then their chefy-ness makes them even hotter.

9- I once got “paddled” at a Fetish club just to see what it was all about. I decided I wasn’t missing all that much.

10- I have a pretty high tolerance for pain.

11- I like to make up silly songs. I will also sing said silly songs pretty much at any given time.

12- I like to make people laugh. I want them to be happy when I am around and to feel good about themselves.

13- I am pretty confident about myself now. I so did not used to be. I think maybe that is an age thing.

14- I like scratch-off lottery tickets. I am actually pretty lucky with them. I mainly stick to the 2$ or maybe 3$ ones though. I’m not quite willing to risk 20$ on one yet. Or maybe ever.

15- Still with the cursing. I am making a very serious attempt at watching the potty mouth in front of the boys. Little pitchers and all that…

16- I may still watch The Hills. I will neither confirm nor deny.

17- I will be thirty-five this year and I am totally stoked about it. No, really.

18- I want to learn a new skill this year. I’m not entirely sure what skill yet, but I will let you know.

19- I love sports, but I have NO idea what a triple-double is. Anyone? Bueller?

20- I am jealous that my boss is pregnant with her third child already.

21- Dub is still not potty trained. He is three. I give up.

22- I am trying really hard to let my hair grow because my husband likes long hair, but I fear it may be a losing battle.

23- I like to watch Joel Osteen on Sunday mornings.

24- I refuse to watch scary movies. Of any kind. Ever.

25- My Diddy is still the funniest person I know. My husband is a close second, followed by my Bubba.

Ta-da! Now don’t you feel better? Like we can maybe be BFF’s? No?

I’m okay with that.


2 thoughts on “25 Things! About Me! That Hopefully I Haven’t Mentioned Already! HAHAHAHA!

  1. wordnerd says:

    I loved reading all this about you. VERY curious about the somewhat famous artist in your family as well as the artist your son is named after…hmmmm.

    And hey! I know what a triple-double is!!!

    • jenny626 says:

      Thank you! I have missed you! The realtive-artist is Daniel Hodermarsky. He has a website, you should check it out! My youngest son’s middle name is Allan, after Allan S. Chase. He is fairly well known around here, or was. He passed away before Dub was born. He was my father’s best friend. He was an extraordinary man. His widow is planning on holding some sort of show in the near future. I will absolutely write about it!

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