Resolutions, Shmesolutions…

I decided not to make any New Year’s Resolutions this year for many reasons. Chief among them, I never keep them. So here is what I propose to do instead. I will document the things I would like to accomplish by the end of the year. That way I can update my progress through out the year.

And now, in no particular order, here they are. My goals and dreams for 2009…

1- Learn a new skill. I’m thinking guitar.

2- Go back to school.

3- Develop better eating habits.

4- Lose weight.

5- Watch less crappy tv. Or try really,really hard to.

6- Plant a garden.

7- Get caught up on all my laundry.

8- Spend a day volunteering somewhere with the boys.

9- Learn how to make grilled cheese already. what? I’m perfectly serious.

10- Catch up with all my bloggy friends.

11- Take a vacation.

12- Develop a budget and truly stick with it.

13- Make more time for my friends.

14- Take time for me.

15- Do something I normally would never do.

16- Have a “Date Night” with my husband.

17- Do something new with the boys once a month.

Well, there you have it. My list of things I would like to do/change/learn this year. Some may be trivial.Ā  Some will present quite a challenge. But I am determined to conquer 2009. One way or another.


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