I can put up with a lot of things. I have a fairly high level of patience which is now rapidly beginning to run the fuck out. I swore after the last time that I would not be put in this situation again. Ever. I swore I would live on the streets first.  And then someone tried to break into our house. And then our slumlord,er landlord, decided I apparently made the whole thing up. And then he got freaky with us about the rent. So. We moved out. Again. Don’t get me started on how DH called the afternoon of said move to say if we gave him 800$ in cash we could stay. Yeah. Dude is seriously on some crack.

We moved back in with my parents. Gah. We have found another home, we are moving in this weekend,thankyoujesus. Because I cannot take one more second of my nutty mother. Bad things will happen if I have to stay here any longer. She is crazy. Like bat-shit crazy. She told my husband that she has been experiencing “insomnia” after the death of my grandma. She says she is unable to go to sleep until around four in the morning. Yeah. I personally believe it’s because she stays up playing online poker all damn night and doesn’t stumble out of bed until around noon. Or maybe it’s the NAPS she takes at SEVEN ‘O’ CLOCK AT NIGHT. FOR TWO HOURS. Call me crazy, but that might have a little somethin’ to do with it.

Look out sanity, I’m coming home!


2 thoughts on “Ready…

  1. Ah… I found you again! My laptop bit the dust and I lost all my bookmarks. Sorry to hear about the moving situation, but glad you found something suitable quickly!

  2. jenny626 says:

    ETW- Thank you! I was glad to find you again as well!

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