Updates…Gack-inspiring Updates…

Jimmy was laid off from his job about three weeks ago. He has since accepted a new position, with a better company, for more money. Which is great!

Because I got fired last week. For the stupidest reason ever. And here it is. I had a verbal argument with another employee while in the office on our lunch break. It lasted all of two minutes. Maybe. We were(and are) fine the next day. My boss however? Not so much. So we were both fired. After almost two years with that company. There was no other reason given other than that. I can’t really talk about it right now because I am still too upset. But you better believe that I will be writing about the rest of it soon. Y’all will be pissed. I was. Still am,actually. Bitches.

Anyhoo. I am now going back to being a stay-at-home-mom. Which,quite frankly, ROCKS. I am making homemade pizza for dinner tonight and I need to get my butt to the store right now! We are working on getting our computer set back up at our house. It shouldn’t be much longer.

Then I can go back to being on here all the times. See ya!


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