6 minutes…

Dude, I only have six minutes to write this. No pressure. It’s all goooooooood.

Basically, the Conflicker Virus kilt my computer. Dead. Way dead. My husband’s super-awesome new job keeps him from fixing it. Swell,no? I miss you all. So,so much.

He has promised(on pain of no more nooky) TO.FIX.IT.ALREADY.this weekend.ALREADY.

But everything is great. Truly.



2 thoughts on “6 minutes…

  1. Sometimes we have to resort to drastic measures, huh? Glad you’re still around!

  2. jenny626 says:

    Yep. It is a sad fact that sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! I’m glad to BE around,if only for a few minutes.

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