My Baby…

Today, my oldest son “graduated” from pre-K. I cried. I know it sounds silly. I get that. It’s just that he’s my baby. My firstborn. Numero Uno. Well, you get the general idea. I just cannot seem to comprehend that he is growing up. Or growing away from me. With every passing year I lose a little piece of him to the mean ,old world around him. That’s tough to take. I like to think that I am learning all these lessons now so I can be better prepared for when this begins to happen to his little brother. But I know myself pretty well and I think I can safely say that ain’t gonna happen. Not in this lifetime.

I’m not one of those mama’s though. I am proud of my children’s accomplishments. Truly. From those first,albeit wobbly, steps to mastering eating with a fork to POTTY TRAINING(FOR WHICH I AM STILL SO VERY GRATEFUL I COULD KISS THE COLLECTIVE INTERNETS RIGHT ON THE MOUTH,BUT INSTEAD HAVE CHOSEN TO USE ALL CAPS TO SHOW MY PLEASURE!). I’m done now.

My point is this. I am trying hard to remember to just enjoy each day with them. They will only be this age once. Some days I do better at it than others. I also know I am lucky to be able to spend every day with them. I don’t take that for granted. I just wish time would maybe not go by quite so fast. I don’t think that’s too much to ask…


2 thoughts on “My Baby…

  1. I cried when I dropped my son off at Kindergarten. After that, it’s all been very exciting (and he just graduated from 5th grade!). Hang in there.

  2. jenny626 says:

    ETW- Thank you. I am trying very hard to remember that.

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