And So It Begins…

Dear Nub,

Today is the end of your first week of kindergarten. You are loving your school and your teacher so much right now. I am happy you are enjoying yourself,but just a little bit sad too. I’m not used to sharing your affections.

And share them I must. You have already brought your teacher a flower that you picked just for her. On the second day of school,no less! You have always been a fast worker. I may come to regret that in your teenage years. But for now, let us just deal with kindergarten!

You have already made friends with several of the boys in your class and have seen quite a few of the kids you went to preK with. You were very excited about that! I was less that thrilled with one particular wild child, but as long as she is not in your class it is all good!

Every day this week you have brought home a “Good Day” note. I am so very proud of you. You are such a good boy,Nub. A sweet boy. A kind boy. I could not have asked for a better son.Truly. Your father and I thank God every day for bringing you into our lives.

So now it begins. This process of growing up and letting go of the fact that I have been the center of your world for so long. Sharing you with other people. Hoping and praying that they,these faceless people of your future,will love you and be kind to you. That they will “get” you and encourage your love of learning.

It is almost too much to ask. But I will have to walk on faith and trust in love. You will be okay. We have raised you to be strong and brave and true. You will be just fine.

Me on the other hand? I will be a mess. But only for a little while. Remember I love you,more than anyone in the whole ,wide world. My sweet boy.



Morning Sickness Bites…

Seriously…and it’s not just hitting me in the mornings¬†if you catch my drift.¬†And I think you do…

I feel like death most of the time.This did not happen with either of my first two pregnancies. I was,ahem,a wee bit younger with both of those. It is really kicking my ass. And I don’t want to seem like I am whiny,or god forbid,ungrateful. I’m not. Really. I’m just uncomfortable,blechy,hungry,tired,bitchy,and the owner of the sorest breasts known to man. And this is just the first trimester. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

What? Let’s not forget about my memory. Or the complete lack thereof. That is another thing that is so much worse than before. I can’t remember my last name half the time. Sad.

But! On the bright side, there can be many,many baby name discussions. That will make up for my sporadic postings.