Tyrone May…

Father,Husband,Son,Friend,Co-worker, Hero.

Tyrone May,age 44, was an auditor with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. He lost his life eight years ago today when the tower fell. It doesn’t specify which tower,only the location. Ground,WTC.

He lived in Rahway,New Jersey with his wife and young son,Tyrone Jr. He loved music and had quite the record collection.His wife ,and several friends, mentioned how much he loved to throw parties. He had begun the planning for his annual holiday party,to which over two hundred invitations were sent out each year. Tyrone May was a man who loved life.

9/11 changed that,for everyone. Including myself. I never met Tyrone May. To be truthful, I had never even heard of him until I signed up to do this project and was assigned his name. There really wasn’t much to find,in the way of research. I find that terribly sad. A man lost his life when a madman crashed an airplane into the World Trade Center and all I could find about his life was a tiny little article in the paper. It should be worth more than that.

Today you touched my life, Tyrone May. I won’t forget you. I hope and pray that your family has found some measure of peace. I hope and pray that as a nation WE WILL NEVER FORGET.


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