The Great Turtle Rescue of 2009…

Well, the title may be a bit misleading. It was more like a brief foray,but anyhoo I shall commence with the telling…

On Friday, Nub’s school let out early. For conferences(which is a whole ‘nother post.Trust me.) and teacher workday’s. Normally he rides the bus. However,I decided to pick him up from school. Dub thought that was cool and he came with. We waited our turn in line,chatted with some mom’s, and sang along to some Veggie Tales. Nub got in the van and we headed home.

His school is really not that far from our house. The road outside our subdivision has recently undergone some construction and reconfiguring. Which truly baffles me because how they did it makes no sense ,and not much safer than it was. But what do I know? I don’t work for the DOT. As we prepare to turn down our new street I notice a turtle bravely making its way across the road. Nub catches sight of it out his window as I carefully flip a u-turn and turn my hazards on. I park the car and get out to pick the turtle up and put it on the other side of the road. This other car has stopped too and the guy tells me I need to “pick it up and put it in the grass”,because” that turtle can’t climb the curb”. Thank you, Einstein. I attempt to pick up said turtle and the dang thing just takes off! That sucker is really booking it. I finally pick it up,after his/her little head and legs go in the shell, and I am holding it out in front of me when it lets loose with a little defensive urine! Dude, here I am trying to save your turtle hide and you are trying TO PEE ON ME? Not cool. I get to the grass,waaaay on the  other side of the curb, and put the beast down. In the meantime, two or three cars have all stopped to watch the Great Rescue. I cross the street and get back into my van. My children are properly impressed with their mama. Although they did want to bring that turtle home. But I said no.

You gotta draw the line somewhere. I will rescue them, but I am not bringing them home. Especially not one that tried to hose me down with urine!


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