Good Lord, Has it Been That Long?!?!

Um, hello. I just sorts realized that my last post was back in November. Yeeeaah.

Here’s the thing. This pregnancy has been kinda rough. And seemingly the longest pregnancy ever. Even though I am only 30 weeks. Lots of drama. But really, when isn’t there drama in my life? I know I owe a serious post about what happened to my father, and you will get one. But not tonight.

Tonight is about the bebe.

It’s a BOY! He weghs over four pounds already. Lord help me! He is measuring 32-33 weeks(except for his belly which is measuring 34 weeks!). The boy is a moose. He also has a tiny bit of fluid in his left kidney. I am being sent to a pediatric urologist. And they may have to operate on him after he is born. It’s a lot of big words that I am too tired to figure out how to spell, so I will just tell you this. It’s not scary. It is pretty simple and fairly common.And I am amazingly calm about the whole situation. Weirdly.

I am just ready to meet my son. And to NOT be preganant anymore. And to sleep on my tummy while eating Brie and medium rare steak. And bleu cheese.

The end.


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