For Sale….Cheap!

One set of parents, one mostly trained husband, one six-year-old budding genius, one four-year-old comedian, and one rambunctious puppy.

 The poo-huahua I’m keeping.


3 thoughts on “For Sale….Cheap!

  1. swistle says:

    Dude. I SIGNED UP FOR A WORDPRESS ACCOUNT just so I could leave a comment here! That is DEDICATION BABY.

    (Also, you won the box of misc. Valentine’s Day stuff so send me your mailing address! Swistle! atgmaildotcom!)

  2. swistle says:

    Oh! And after all that, I forgot to leave my comment! Which is that I’ll take the 4-year-old off your hands (already got 2, might as well have 3), but you’ll still need to find homes for the others.

  3. jenny626 says:

    Swistle, if I didn’t LOVE you before this I so would now! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I also love to win things. The four-year-old would probably like it at your house. I gotta warn that he is kind of a turd right now…

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