I feel like a lot of the rest of you must feel, lots to do and very little time to do it. The weather lately has not helped at all. Apparently, that lovely trend will continue because they are now calling for the possibility of three inches of the white stuff. Gah. On the bright side, Nub is out of school this week(or most of it) for Winter Break so it shouldn’t affect his Spring Break. Hopefully. ‘Cause this mama has plans that involve the beach, baby.

But that brings me to the rest of the story. I’m not getting a lot done around here because I am entertaining/refereeing an extra child during the day. Plus, I am gigantically pregnant. Okay, 34 weeks. But, still… And if that weren’t enough, I am going to three different doctors. Did I mention that I was pregnant and half the time don’t know if I’m coming or going anyway?! Unfortunately that last sentence has more truth than poetry in it.

The end is near,however faint that light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel may be. My shower is next weekend. Shut it. It’s been FOUR YEARS since I had a baby. I gave away all my stuff. Sue me. We have a crib, and some clothes. I’m only feeling slightly panicky. Okay, maybe more than slightly. But it’s not full-blown yet.


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