Hazy Shade of Winter…

I kept thinking all these many months that I was blocked. Maybe done with my blog. That I had said all the things I wanted to say.

Turns out I was spending too much time on Facebook and that I still have PLENTY to talk about. And I do mean plenty. I may not actually be able to write about all the things that are going on because I am convinced that one day my parents are going to stumble across my blog and quite possibly be horrified, but there are words inside of my head that need to find their way out. And soon. Or there are gonna be all sorts of issues up in here.

That having been said, I felt so good last night after writing an update. And then catching up on some blog reading. I still have lots more to catch up on, and comments to leave. I laughed, I cried, and then cried some more. It was awesome. I realized how much I missed all of you, my bloggy friends. How disconnected I had become. I didn’t like it. I don’t like it. I enjoy being able to come to my site and write about my life. I enjoy reading about yours. So bear with me. I’m working on it.


He’s HERE…….

And um, has been here for five weeks. Yes, I know.

I believe I shall blame it on the c-section. And the drugs. Dear lord, the drugs. The percocet were my favorite. Ditto the morphine drip…

The c-section went as planned, except for one teeny, tiny thing. I actually went into labor around 4am that morning. And my water broke shortly after 6am. Good times! So instead of having Bub sometime after 2pm he made his appearance at 9:20am! I was the first c-section of the day. I do LOVE to be first. I actually told the doctor that in my drugged out haze. Seriously. And maybe some of the nurses. And possibly the anesthesiologist. WHAT? I just told you I love to be first.

And Bub turned out to only be a bit over 9 pounds. Crazy. He was 20 inches long and had a ton of brown hair. Which I already knew he would, because HELLO! HEARTBURN! People may say it is an old wives’ tale but I am here to tell you it is absolutely true. All three boys had hair. Nub had so much hair when he was born it looked like he came out wearin’ a toupee. No lie. I may not of given my mama girl grandbabies, but at least I gave her grandbabies with hair to brush!

Now, y’all don’t hate me, but Bub is the best bebe ever. He is a good sleeper and he eats like a champ. He already smiles and coos. He’s a heartbreaker that one. Nub and Dub are fascinated with him. Nub especially. He sits and talks to him every day. And Bub listens! Nub was one of the first people who Bub smiled at. Such a good baby. I am blessed. And sad that he is my last baby. Three is apparently my magic number. So if you don’t see me quite so much, well I’m learning how to be a mama to three boys.

And I’m busy smoochin’ on pink bellies…