Hazy Shade of Winter…

I kept thinking all these many months that I was blocked. Maybe done with my blog. That I had said all the things I wanted to say.

Turns out I was spending too much time on Facebook and that I still have PLENTY to talk about. And I do mean plenty. I may not actually be able to write about all the things that are going on because I am convinced that one day my parents are going to stumble across my blog and quite possibly be horrified, but there are words inside of my head that need to find their way out. And soon. Or there are gonna be all sorts of issues up in here.

That having been said, I felt so good last night after writing an update. And then catching up on some blog reading. I still have lots more to catch up on, and comments to leave. I laughed, I cried, and then cried some more. It was awesome. I realized how much I missed all of you, my bloggy friends. How disconnected I had become. I didn’t like it. I don’t like it. I enjoy being able to come to my site and write about my life. I enjoy reading about yours. So bear with me. I’m working on it.


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